Monday, February 8, 2010

Hello world on a Monday morning.. :)

Just woke up from my 1hr sleep and goin to bed again soon, am feeling sick today, been sneezing the whole afternoon away and even tried sleeping in the afternoon to clear it off but sadly the flu was abit too strong :(

Finally couldnt take it anymore and went in audi to play and forget abt it for did get better for a bit but was sneezing still nonetheless, to the point it was either hold my tissue or press the space bar =.= and laggy as hell for me tonite all of a sudden. Joined compy anyway, and managed to get into 2nd round then i started sneezing alot again. Got 4th for my best mode in compy, norm indi :( Sucks big time.

Im sneezing again as we speak. Sigh. The weather has finally gotten hold of me ><. Gonna head to bed i guess..feeling slightly feverish and body aches like crazy. Fingers were so tired while trying to press just now.

Sweet dreams and have a great week ahead guys :)

P/s: 6days to Chinese New Year and counting..


If only you didnt do what the one thing which would upset me,
The one thing i told you how i would feel if u did,
Everything else would not have mattered.
Whats the point of letting you know, if you were still gonna do it anyway?

But im still happy you finally told me what was wrong.

If only.

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