Friday, February 5, 2010

Hola hombres on a Friday~! :D

Gonna make this a short post, coz basically the 1st line has been there since about 11 and its already 2.30 =.= i needa go sleep soon ><.

Work was ok today, as usual, some hiccups here and there but then if there wasnt it wouldnt be normal eh? Ive been very guai today lor, didnt Fb as much, but it could be partially coz FB changed their layout and the new one sucks big time. Dam inaccessible and their so called 'user-friendly' is an understatement. Wonder what Fb will come out with tomoro since every single change frm FFS to the new layout has sucky =.=

Lousy new layout, even the bookmarks are hard to reach as its now at the home page =.= Oh wells..just hv to get use to it i guess..

Eyes hurt alot coz was practically staring at the darn excel workbook the whole day trying to figure out the costing that was left behind by ex colleague. Still havent figured it out though ><. Total sian-ness.

Kinda figured out a way to raise my pets, but its gonna take awhile i guess since ima poor owner TT^TT~ Might try to work it out this weekend ba :)

Like the pics i put up in my blog? Lol...i kinda dont like my own pic ><. Just trying and experimenting ba, shall take others these cpl of days :D Hopefully i dont look like shit :X With the heat and the lack of sleep, i really dont look so good =.= Someone pls force me to sleep more this weekend?

Gotta go to bed, another day tomoro..sigh. Oh well, cest la vie~

To you ( you knw who you are..)
I hope ur not still angry with urself or me over what happened this morning,
Seriously, its not even important,
I dont blame anyone if they dont read everything i have to say
coz some of it are really just rants that i need to get off my chest.
Of course im happy if u guys do,
it shows that ur really concerned abt what goes on in my life..

Thanks for bearing witness to my life :)


& and ur lost for the moment, frm my life.

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