Monday, February 22, 2010

Just finished prayers for the ninth day of CNY, which is also the official 1st day of CNY for the Hokkein community. Mum went full blast this year, with the complete set of prayers equipment lol..From sugar canes to the big joss stick outside the house. Sadly for me, i couldnt really participate in alot of the prayers coz my condition. =.= Mum was pissed, say couldnt help me "kai", as if it was my fault. Sighs.

Kinda zoned in and out while mum and sis did preparations, dug hole for the big joss stick and basically waited for it to turn 12pm. Just finished up everything and its already 2am. Kinda tired and dont really feel like working tomoro :X I feel an mc creeping up on me ><.

Fireworks seems to be more at this time of celebration, guess coz Pg is mainly of Hokkein ppl :) Bro was thinking of getting also, not sure if he will though, says its about RM400 for those big types.

Day has been rather quiet, feeling uneasy the whole day.. audied here and there abit, with ray, tagged exp for diana abit along with ahp, and that was about it. Oh yea, watched some Monsters Vs Aliens cartoon along the way :X

So thats about it, my sunday and my cny hols. Though it was good resting but overall, not a very good holiday. Oh wells.

Seriously contemplating on taking sick leave tomoro, dont feel up to work on a Monday and well, just not really up to doing much.

Off to bed, i guess :) Ciaoz~


It was dumb of me to think u were busy at work, when u were obviously not,
U were busy having fun, as usual, even though what had transpired the nite b4,
It saddens me that u dont take me seriously, maybe i made it that way,
Though i dont knw who u were with, ur silence told me everything,
Was it the same person we were arguing about?
Or the person u so solemnly declared to me u were not planning on seeing?

Now tell me, why do u say im always disappointed with u?

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