Monday, February 8, 2010

Penang is soooo freakingggg hotttttttttt ~w~

Im serious, even with the little bit of rain last saturday, i think it just made things worst. Im still feeling dam sick, with body aches and flu and now headache ><. And i lost my voice..again =.= result from sneezing the whole day ytd :(

Work has been crazy these cpl of days, partly coz its almost cny and alot of lose ends to clear up. Payments to be settled to suppliers b4 they go on their long break, projects to be tied up and handed over to owners..etc etc. I ended up going home almost 7plus. Dam tired. And brain dead.

Came home with bad headache still ringing. And slightly swollen o.o Quickly took a long long bath and went out to get dinner with sis. Missed compy again =.= Family gettin sick though, mum and sis to be exact. They've started coughing and sneezing last nite..My home is currently virus infested lols..and so close to new years :S

Seriously uninspired to write tonite. Nothing seems to be coming out. Maybe thats why im posting this the day after...LOL :X Really, really, really...writers block again. Or maybe im just too tired seeing that i was sick the entire weekend =.="

I really need to get some rest. I mean really rest.

P/s: This post was left hanging coz my "superman" jio'ed me almost 1am! Lol.. U hero la :D But u dont have to wake at 8 lor..still had fun though haha...ill leave that post for tomoro :)

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