Thursday, February 11, 2010

My pc almost died tonight!!!!! TT^TT~~!! Well almost...still handling it with care bt feel i shd take it to the doc tomoro coz i just started my friggin hols leh!! If my pc guy also off, then wat the hell am i gonna be doing??? ;wild ;wild I knew something was wrong few days ago when i switched it on..i dont wanna take any chances, takin it to pc guy tomoro morning and let him chk, coz it was the same symptoms as last time...until obs tonite, if hang again, gonna take it to him later =.=

Have u ever felt so so in between 2 choices, u just couldnt decide? Thats hw i felt jz nw. I tot my pc had died, so went to install audi in sis pc (LOL! Shh..she keeps deleting it =.=) the there was like 9patches, halfway through, i went and on my pc again, and surprisingly it came ALIVE! BUT! Net had went off, can still continue patching but cant try to open browsers on my pc =.= It was already halfway through bt still long way, and i wanted to try b4 pc guy came to my hse to collect. So, to restart modem and lose patching so far or restart only to have my pc die again and repatch from start? Hmmmmmmmmm....

Anyway, that was a good 2hrs of sloggin in front of pc, swearing and cursing in between. I dono why life has a knack of trying to screw with my hols.

Work was fine throughout the day, busy as hell, bt still survive-able. Went to get babe's car plates during lunch...Hot hot hot!! And freaking jam jam jam everywhere..And my car was basically an oven =.= But still, happy that i got the plates back...if only i can find a car to see if it fits ... why is it, when i dont need it, its all over the place but when i do, i cant seem to find any? >_>"'

As i said, work was busy until abt 4 when my mouse of a boss asked me this.."Mag, are u free? Can u send me to the bank?" *gasppppsssssss in the depths of my soul* Of coz if given a choice, i would have said, "No, im busy" LOL! =.= There are 2 scenarios which could happen on the way to the bank..
1. Total silence and major awkwardness
2. Him asking me about my family background and making me totally uncomfortable, which is even worse.

Lucky for me, he chose No.2 ._.

The, how many sibling do u have, hw we celebrating cny, bla bla bla, etc etc jz made me feel veryyy uncomfortable. This is the reason why, unless we are certified drivers, should NEVER ever drive the boss ard. Bah. Drove as fast as i could, and even had to send him to fish shop to get fish food. Wth? Came back office, did some clearing up and left as soon as it was time to avoid them asking me to do anythin else..lolol :x

Came home to a sad pc, which i think im gonna take to the shop tomoro and let them have a chk. I dont want it to breakdown during cny -.- I just feel the HD is abit unstable. Sigh.

Heading to bed i guess, back pain, coz i fell asleep on couch earlier. Oh wells~

Nites peeps! *loves*

P/s: The start of my 10 days slacking is finally here :3~!! and have a safe trip back babe :)

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