Saturday, February 6, 2010

Yo peoples ~! :) 'sup?

Lol..dont mind me, just finished rewatching Honey on dvd and their slang is kinda stuck in my head for the time being :p Currently home alone and kinda sleepy. Wanted to sleep earlier, but was staring at ceiling for the longest time. So decided to put on a movie, still wide awake =.=

Its been a damning hot saturday, just like any other day. Feeling irritable and moody but still control-able :) Didnt really do much 'cept for boring boring and extremely boring day at work. Thank god its only till 1 =.= I kept looking at the clock to see when it would be time to actually go home><. Even Fb has nothing for me anymore, my boredom and time waster companion..omigosh :(((~!

So decided to just hop ard in audi, watched babe play abit, mall abit(hands abit itchy....), "worked" abit...etc etc etc... Summary? Those 4 hours felt like 4years ><. Went home, lepak'ed ard audi again..then helped mum put up lights on the porch, audied somemore. But in the end, audi was not really a cool place to hang out today :( Decided to join random ppl again, played abit of 4k (did u believe i actually bullied? Must be my lucky day lol) then went in search of 8k.

Found a random room with random ppl who turned out to be not so random coz middle of game, one of them ask me if i remembered them. Rofl...i knw why its so easy to remember me..coz im cute..LOL! No la..its coz i NEVER changed my nick :D And that girl changed like xN times =.= Thank god i still remember her though :S

After exhausting myself with 140~ 8k songs (i realise i suck at really fast songs ><...not happy with my playin d..i wanna be idolised too D: ... though i did a 168 song fm! Im still cool! yay! :X *self consolation* T^T) wanted to try resting, and here i am, 10pm and still didnt sleep a wink =.= In fact joined compy, and was in 3rd till the last 20secs got ninja'ed >_>" I really need to work on my c3. Blah blah blah.

Thats abt my saturday gone..kinda not in the mood for alot of stuff, dono if its the heat or coz of this afternoon. Just moodless.

Oh wells, gonna go find another show to watch and prolly try to get some shut eye...but im almost levelling in cafe O_O;; okok, shall not be psychotic abt this @_@.

Loves~ Outta here~!

P/s : Still putting up new year lights O_O;; and we're not even done yet! Lol..:S Shall upload some pics later :)


And i may never know if that was the reason for the sudden mood change,

I dont know what it was that caused it, i just hope it wasnt that.

Whatever it is, im done trying to analyse everything,

even the hot and cold treatment im given at times.

All i can do is have faith :)

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