Monday, February 15, 2010

Hello world @ 15th Feb~!

Still sleepin as much, fb'ing not so much, audi'ing like rarely, and i figure ive watched the dvd's at my hse like more than 3 times on a average scale? =.= Still poker'ing much that i have actually neglected my other games lolz.

Still havin the same steamboat... MENU PLEASE? :S

Oh ya, power trip..yet again =.= Its getting really damn irritating..very very irritating.

Seriously though, i have nothing really to blog about, coz basically.. day has been spent mainly in bed or on comp table. Hence i have a feeling my butt is getting Lolzzz :X And to think i still have about 6 days to go..hmmmm..

Oh wells, family is thinkin of goin up to cameron highlands tomoro, and basically hinting on me to go as well . Fact is? I dont wanna go :S The last time was horrid enough and i seriously cant take my brother's driving up winding roads, nor do i wanna drive. Sigh, dilemma.

Guess thats about it. Nothing to bitch about when im not working.. lmao! Im such a bitch at times ;)

To Jf: Nah, oranges being slaughtered mindlessly! :p

Ciaoz peeps, gonna go watch sis play some detective games..hehe :D

P/s: Im so late in my posts....bah bah black sheep! :x


To understand others, you need to understand yourself first.

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