Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I feel fever a-comin ><. Do i hear mc a-comin too? :x

Seriously, am having sudden head pains and feeling very warm & ears hurting :( The weather has been horrible since it turned Feb and it gettin hotter by the day. Had to take a bath 2ce just to cool down. And going out of the office in the afternoon and driving out is a horror! U cant imagine the oven im friggin bakin in :(

Dam mousey has been calling once too many times on my handphone, even when im in the dam office. I refuse to answer lol.. and also after working hours, its kinda getting irritatin when he calls after work hrs, justtt when i reach home and sit down to rest =.= Again, i refuse to answer. Im not obligated and most importantly, i dont give a fk >_>"

Oh ya, the 2 jambans were collected by OM..hahahaha :X She has the bigger car ok? Anyway, she was the one who offered, so there, la di da =.= I dont really care wht the impressions my bosses have, coz in their current position in the construction line, their names are not very famous with suppliers around. Shall not talk bad of them here, LOL :X, bt in summary, total hypocrites when it comes to payments.

And the empress had the cheek to tell me mousey complained abt something, which was not even my responsibility to begin with. In short, if the dam thing was so important, why the hell did he only remember abt it at 5pm when he needed it that night? I think i need to get him an organiser, that dude has some serious time management issues.

Busy day as usual, though at some points i was alone in office, so sneaked in audi lol :X Wanted to see hw it compared to home pc..connection dam cool la, pc not so haha :S I wonder why...must change to cabel d for mine..wireless sucks D:

Came home, audied abit, had dinner, audied abit more, totally forgot abt compy tonite until it was too late =.= Fb is not cool for me today, ffs came out with some screwed up new achievement caps and i am friggin nt happy abt it. Trying to up the value of some of my pets, bt want to find a way so i dont go totally friggin broke. Sorry guys, let me figure out how to work tis out coz apparently the value doesnt go up like it used to, which was 100m for each buy, now it skips like 300m per buy. Wtf? =.=

All this just made my headache worse :( Gonna go watch some movie and get some shut eye for tomoro.. and i thought it was Friday already! TT^TT!! Need to get ren's advise but he already gave me...i just need to decide hw i wanna do it...><.

Nighto peepos~ !

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