Thursday, February 18, 2010

Christmas Party, My 9 wishes for you blasted in my ears,
The music was so loud, i couldnt even hear anything from outside anymore,
And yet i could hear my thoughts still, ever so clearly.

If i had pretended i didnt see wat u said, would we be happier?
If i had let it go, would we still be the same now as we were ytd?
If i didnt keep counting the stats in my head, would this have not mattered at all?

The fact is, it matters,
For i am not even worth 1/10 of the total u did sent out.
You might this is all irrelevant and im being emotional again,
But think of me, if u were me, all those times u say u were busy n couldnt reply,
Dont say i make assumptions, ask urself 1st why?

I almost teared today, bt i wont, not for u, as much as i felt the hurt.
U sure do know hw to make a person feel "important"

Thank you so much for the being the best friend ever :)

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