Thursday, February 25, 2010


Officially started 1st lesson in JP class :D Left work sharp so that i could come back in time and rest abit before going. Class started at 7.30 though :) It was cool and the teacher was actually not that bad.. he emphasized alot on pronunciation which is cool by me, learning to say it correctly is very cool ;)

1st class was basically like learning your abc's, just that theirs is called Gojyuuon - or the 50 basic sounds of the romanji..i think lol :X Brain pretty tired now la, just figured i shd quickly post this if i shd forget all abt it tomoro :S Alot of a e i o u's ...ya ya...just that its not pronounced how we learnt in kindy ok? Different sounds totally. Note to self: must bring water next week...coz mouth dam tired and dry after all that :X Overall, quite happy with 1st class, and lookin forward to next lesson! :DD

Work was erm, okok ba...nothing much. Still working on webby, here and there ba unless i get interupted to look for this and that, which is pretty annoying =.= Bah, works sucks, so shall not dwell into details.

Lunch time went over to Queensbay, thought of eating bread for lunch...u knw those like Bread History kind of breads? Diverted into Bead Zone while looking and ended up getting toe rings :P Ive been meaning to get the ones i lost quite some time lor...just lazy to walk over under the hot sun even if it only takes me about less than 5mins to actually reach the place ...hahahah :x

Can u believe there are not such shops in Queensbay?? The best i could find was only Roti Man or something to that effect. Tmd. Somemore the breads not even that nice D: Shd have gotten sushi instead la. Bodo bodo me.

Well, come str8 home after lessons and joined cpl compy, which results were not so good :'( Maybe my pc idle too long le, so abit laggy, and so was net connection and also my blurness...sad sad sad. Shd hope that i do better ma, i feel so discouraged tonite T^T~

Played abit with babe and some old friends and left soon after. Watched abit of CSI- new season wor !! :D and now nodding off at pc..Really tired frm ytd ba...and really tired now too. And omg la, its almost 3am again D: D:

Thank god friday is a holiday again :) As if i will sleep in...i just wake up early nia...must must sleep more! :x

Okok sleeepp!!! Ciaoz~!! :D


2nd day, and ur still here..
Just like old times, i missed it so.
And i dread when the day it goes away again..
But like i said, no one can promise tomoro...just live for today :)

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