Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Finally some break time .... @_@;

Busy busy busy Tuesday it has been and current status: momentarily happy :)

Net is safe and sound back with me coz genius me found another connection point..haiz..i cant stand my clever-ness sometimes :p Been running ard like a mad woman today, but the funniest point in the day, when i told my colleague this, we both just couldnt stop bladi laughing.. this is wat transpired..

Boss: Come here for awhile Mag.
Me: Yes Mr Loo?
Boss: Ok, the clients have confirmed these items, so u can issue PO's and collect the stuff from them.(ticks away on the items..and hands to me)
Me: Oh, ok
Boss: Tell them u will go and collect later.
Me: *stares at the list* Me? Collect? They're 2 Wc's here o.o; ( TOILET BOWLS! SITTING ONES!) Erm...
Boss: I think car can take...
Me: I dont think MY car can.... (=.="") anyway, they can deliver, ive asked b4..
Boss: Oh, then ask them to deliver by today.
Me: Ok... (kns >_>"")

Ok, this might not seem funny now..it didnt seem funny at the time too, but when i got back to my table, i jz stared at my colleague and told him, "Boss wan me to collect 2 jambans and 1 basin O_O;;" and he just laughed out and i started too. Omg it was just too fking hillarious. Wtf, he thinks i drive a friggin lorry? My God, how idiotic can a person get? And i call him my boss? Christ sakes... WHATEVER! =.="

Last nite was extremely pooped, my arms were practically dangling from the sides ><.. I hope we're done cleaning..pls pls pls pls TT^TT~ I know we still have lights to put up and mum got one cool lantern when she went out ytd, and she got it cheap coz it was only 1 and not a pair lol..bro asked, not one pair how to hang? :o Mum say "Hang in center" Rofl! Well, she has a point..i actually thought of same thing..:X AND! One thing good abt spring cleaning...we find alot of lost treasures :p

Isnt my kb much more cuter nao?? Lololol :X

Blah, wanted to stick those long time ago, but donwan to buy coz i knw sis got one extra :p I wonder how long i can tahan with it though..kinda too cute lol :S

Ok, back to the tedious work of comparing paint colors..><. Ima model employee ok? One that blogs, plays cafe world, robot wars and ffs during working hours....LOL! Bah!

Toodles!! :D

P/s: Hope nothing happens in an hr frm now to spoil my momentary burst of happy hyperness x.x

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