Saturday, February 20, 2010

Hola people on a lovely saturday morning!! :D

Reason im bloggin now, is cz i intend take a short nap later @_@ Sleepy man...Dont think its a good idea though, coz brain is slowin down. Audied with babe, ahp and diana till abt 5am lol :X And yes, we've joined Ahp's guild lol :) But...LaLaLand lives on forever! Thank god i remember can transfer to Ivan so no need break fam ;sob...My lalaland wor...must live forever n ever ;)

lClhocolates~ :)

Ytd was mainly audi day, abit in the afternoon, then a whole lot frm 7 onwards..for me though :S Its been awhile since i really played so much, till my fingers were protesting d. I dono how u do it babe, dont like u d ;eeks

Joined both Exp and Cpl comp ytd. Exp comp, not so good as predicted, coz i was seriously blurry, and though i even x6 in the end i lost =.= SERIOUSLY need to practice my C3, so not cool when i lose like that when i obviously could have won. Sheeesh!

1st rd was a breeze in Cpl comp :X Chained more than i thought i could, and didnt miss as much as i expected :O Bery unexpected... :D, 2nd rd not so good, oh wait, it was good, but met yorke and cpl and she chained slightly abit more...we lost by abt 9k nia ><. Not a bad improvement though :D But then again, its slow song wor...hmm..:D

Guess thats about it, somethings worth to be remembered, some best forgotten and move on :) Cant believe im down to my last day of my holidays! TT^TT~~ I wanna go get mc d..Eh, but still next Friday is a holiday for me :DD But Monday sucks man ><. Bla. ><. Ciaoz peeps, laters!


I dont have a good feeling about your new 'friend',
Dont like their intentions, nor their actions,
Maybe im thinking too much abt it, I hope i am,
And i trust u to do the right thing,
So, Ill let it pass, for now ;)

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