Tuesday, February 9, 2010

2 more days before my longgg holss! Yes, found out today we're closing on this Friday and after that its 10days of slacking at home :) 10 days of doing absolutely nothing!! Yay!! :X

Downside is, dam alot of lose ends to finish up. Thank god im efficient enough and i can actually see the end of my list to do's. As mentioned, alot of suppliers calling up for payments, ppl wan go long holidayss lol. Havent really managed to sit down for a break these 2 days and i can actually foresee more stuff tomoro and the day after x.x Jy me!!!! *chants* i can do it~ i can do it~!

The empress seems to be treating me nice these 2 days...i wonder why..hmmm.. But at the end of the day, she was kinda in a foul mood, not at me , at the hubby haha...apparently he's been paying supplier and losing them bills..rofl..oh wells, its work entertainment eh? :p

Should be dam sleepy today , coz slept almost 4am last nite :X Yea yea, audied with babe ( lol, u really audi addict :p) and guess who we bumped into ?

Faifai!! Omg! Missed u la basket! :D

Actually didnt bumped into him, saw his name on the lobby list while waiting for babe to settle on a room .. ive been seeing him ard fr the past week but wasnt really sure if it was him. Somehow felt it hard to believe. And i got deleted from his bl =.= He says it was a bug, haha yea yea...who ask u mia 3yrs? Now we know there is a time limit to mia b4 everything poofs~ :D The only reason i pm'ed him was coz i saw him married O_O' Bth ler, needed to ask. And sure enough, u basket sia! He wanted to join us but was tipu'ing his cpl to go sleep..hahahah..poor fai :D Anyway did play with him in the end, and it was all laughs, sort of reminds me of how it used to be, just cant believe its been that long..

New patch for audi today, new songs, new stuff to buy..kind of thinking to get something lol..bt nothing seems nice D: AND my windows mode is gone, though i can still minimize the game..hmm...still, it looks wide, like the time i went audi at Tbun. Guess i need some time for my eyes to adjust haha :S

Well, mum and sis are officially sick. Was gonna get some New Year groceries today but they couldnt get out of bed and i didnt knw what to get. Mum getting nervous though lol..its gonna be jam packed at the supermarkets tomoro for sure ><.
See! Its just....wideeee @__@;;

After so long using windows mode, my eyes need to expand its vision now :S (Ps abt the lousy shot, was playin and taking this pic at the same time lol..dont ask why i do it...just found it fun..at the time =.=)

Dead tired from work .. trying to pull myself and survive this week x.x *continues chanting* 2 more days...2 more days....

Think i had something else to post about, but getting incoherent somewhat :S

Time to continue my movie and some rest! Ciaoz~

P/s: Omfg..2 posts in one nite! Im so proud of meself :p

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