Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Do you know its the same for me?
I need to be looked up to also...and get real compliments once in awhile.
I may nvr be the idol u will look up to, coz i may nvr be good enough in that sense,
i always try my best, and i dont care how the rest of the world sees me,
as long as u didnt see me that way.
Tonite it seemed i was holding you back, and incapable of challenging you,
of pushing you to do better,
the last words u said b4 we went in search of other ppl,
did you feel discouraged with me?
And even though this may seem minor and unimportant,
but its as important as what u want for yourself..

Please dont patronise me by saying things that you dont mean.
Im a noob, i know.

Im sorry..just ramblings of someone who is tired.

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