Thursday, February 4, 2010

Horrid horrid headache ><.
Ive realised, for the past cpl of weeks, my posts have mainly been about the "job" and how much i "love" it here, the bosses, the workload, bla bla. Like a friend of mine said, "Hate it so much, then resign, if not then dont complain" Guess what? Im still gonna complain! Screw my friend! :X

Lol, just kidding la..not today folks :) Really feeling uncomfortable in this god forsaken weather. I just took a bath and now im sweating like hell again ><. Speaking of them would only make things worse =.= Basically had the 1st supposedly meeting of 2010 (like we had any in 2009) . Anyway, said it was a gonna be a new type of management..bla bla..yadda yadda..boring stuff.

And i think the whole point of the meeting was coz they wanted to implement the daily report of each staff. Like write down what we do each day and i absolutelyyy despise doing it. How can i even break down what i do in a day when it consists of so many little stuff? Maybe OM saw me playin fb ba lol..who knows. Is it my fault that u guys have no projects? What they dont know is hw good i am at writing grandfather stories, so expect a whole lotta crap on that fkin piece of paper. I wanted to voice out also, to not reprimand staff (me?) for work that was given last minute if its urgent. If u cant prioritise on whats impt, why shd i? But my head was givin me too much trouble and i might have just exploded and said wrong stuff. Bla.

Still cant stand ex colleague, so guai guai'ly agree to boss'es speech. Lets see hw long it will last :)

Hopefully i get some news on new jobs after CNY *prays hard* I really cant stand this place anymore, and how much bs they can say even when i already know they're knee high in horse shit =.=

Mum's been nagging me to come hm sharp coz its pointless to work extra for ppl who dont pay u ot on top of that dont even appreciate that u do and complain that its not enough. I guess its true bt i like to complete my stuff b4 i leave. Sigh dilemma.

Came home and fell asleep fr abit, head really throbbin man :( woke up , took a bath and now im all hot and sweating again zzzzzz!! But raised babe and 2 other of my pets earlier..i lost abt 1.2b frm there..ouch ><. How the hell am i suppose to raise them? Must think of another way .. Gonna head to bed, im sweating even more just by looking at the dam monitor >_>" Think im gonna go take another bath!!

Guten nacht!!

To my baby panda meimei
Im sorry we havent been talking much too,
Just one too many things coming at us at the same time
that we just feel to tired and sometimes out to words to say at times.
But im always here to listen, and will be here if u ever need me :)
Ur OCD sweetheart loves ya much much much too ~!


Have i told you lately that i love you?

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