Sunday, February 21, 2010

Totally, most definitely, annoyed!!! Can u believe it?? 5 fkin power trips in one bladi nite??? Wth is TNB is doin?? Its been a week and today is the worst with trips every one hr starting frm 7pm jz now. Im just freakin annoyed that i called and scolded the customer service ppl. As if it would do any difference though, but hell yea it was good release!!

At this rate, i might as well just take my pc and put it in the dumpster =.="

Givin us lame excuses abt power surge, when its only 5hses that are affected and except for us, the rest like go to bed at 9? Its just friggin lame la, they cant even solve something like tis and its been one week and about 15trips =.= Ridiculous ok?

Saturday came and went, usual stuff, audied abit in the morning, still hangover frm friday early morning games with the gang lolz. Wanted to go back to sleep, but in the end, keep waking up and so made lunch and slacked ard the tv, watching dvd's. Fell asleep abt 6'ish bt then the tripping started and woke me up D:

So basically, rest of evenin just went downhill, with hourly trips. My pc will certainly die soon. But then i guess it will be for the best, for i dont see any consolation in being online anyway. Day just nvr got better, esp after some turn of events. Anyway, pointless to say anything more.

Just audied for abit, spammed kb's abit, bt nothing can really bring me up tonite. Guess im gonna head to bed and dream my hurt away.

Ciaoz~ :)

P/s: @ time of posting it came up to 7 power trips. Bla.

As i write and delete and write and delete,
Trying to get out the words and the feelings im having now,
Nothing seems to be correct way of putting it.
Maybe there isnt a good way of sayin it, hence,
It shall remain unspoken with me.

All i can say is it hurts me that ive become so unworthy in your eyes,
When i used to be otherwise when u first left.

U could nvr resist doing what you do, not in real life or in virtual, even when virtual was supposed to be my sacred place where i thought i could have yr honesty. Was it ever only our lalaland?

Yes, we still hope.

But hope has run out on me tonite.

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