Saturday, February 13, 2010

Sleeeepyyyy n tireddddd... I wanna go take a nap d ;eeks

Its been a long and tiring day, and woke up extra early today coz needed to help mum with preparation of steamboat for reunion lunch n prayers. This yr sis is not ard to help out coz she needed to go help out a friend at his hair saloon. So it was only me n mum...which not always good news. Coz when she panics or rushes for time, some ppl will go down...and that person this yr would only be me >////<. Even the beginning didnt start out so well, thankfully everything went smoothly shortly after that and what can i say? Im efficient :p But dam tired after the whole thing ><.

My new headphones~ :D At least i can hear it better now ~ Lovin it ;)

Went into audi for abit and played with ray awhile then went to have dinner and got sms frm babe sayin he was in audi. Went in, played one game and poof, the electricity tripped :((. Its always like that de, only my hse and a few others on the same row. Sadd ><. Even tried calling TNB, but dam phone lines were engaged like crazy. Came back an hr later and babe had to leave le...sad again :( And guess what? Shortly after coming out of audi, my power trip again! This time i was just too annoyed and just laid in bed and fell asleep. It came back on abt 30mins later. Sigh.

Its been a sad and depressing CNY eve nite :(

Gonna head off to bed soon, coz frankly, i just dont know wat else to do, and its already 3.30 am anyway lol. Im just so ....i dono. Words cant define how im feeling now.

But, Happy Chinese New Year 2010 guys~ And Happy V-Day everyone~~!! :3

Oyasumi~ :)


I didnt want to spoil it, the happy parts,
I nvr intended it that way.

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