Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Its been a long Monday indeed ..

Didnt go to work on Monday, took mc instead lol. Wasnt really in the working mood and alot of conflicts in me at the moment. Went to bed almost 6 am coz was watching some show on astro with mum..think i fell asleep almost at the end though, but woke up b4 it finished ><.
Slept the morning away, and though i knw i havent been crying, woke up puffy eyed and major headache. Perfect hangover from disappointment :)

Anyway, joined exp comp and cpl comp today :) Got in 2nd round of exp comp and cpl comp too lol.. sigh, i suck eh? Maybe u shd get a new partner....

Surprisingly i got 2nd eh! :D I was 1st lor...if only that dude didnt chain :( Bla him.

Whole day was spent, staring blankly at the pc, watching anime online while trying to get my mind off where u really were. And all alone in audi.. I shd just quit :(

U dont need me, not now, not ever. Ur decision to go off already proved that to me. Wat was more impt is urself. No one else. As long as u got wat u planned for, no one else mattered. So, u got wat u wanted. Happy? Is that really love? Lol.

Ive made my decision, and ur no longer in it. Uve choosen ur path and so have i. I do not wish to bear witness ur so called quests anymore.

Was also transferring my contacts from old phone to new one (finally! lol) and saw the old sms'es from u. Ones which i nvr get anymore. Ones which showed u were truly concerned about me. U said im childish over those msgs which i nvr got, bt not to me. Coz it showed how much u wanted me to be involved in your life. And apparently these ppl knw more about whats goin in your life than me. I just want the old friend which i used to know, the one who would ask me abt my day without me asking. I really dont knw u anymore. But I really shd be honored that i was treated better than ur other friends, or so u say :)

If im really just an audi companion, so be it. I will stop playin and that will be then end of this friendship right? If its only company u seek, im sure u can get others as quickly to replace me, since there are quite a number of despos in audi nowadays :)

Still torn over what to do...if i really leave, i think i would miss, not audi, but the ppl. But then again, i only play for a few ppl..esp you. Maybe i wont feel so loss without it afterall ..

Time for rest, mental and emotional preparation for work tomoro ><. Ciaoz~

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