Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Im so freaking tired that i feel like just fainting right here now ><. Im serious, really feeling dizzy and abit out of co-ordination with what im doing. And bosses just asked me to design some banner thing and its so near cny d. Really really cant concentrate properly and very unproductive coz i seem to be moving at slow-mo all of a sudden. Wonder if family virus have caught up with me..shiet!

Thank god its lunch break. But my eyes are glassing over. My goodness..><.

Almost time to go back to work, omg omg omg..need to drink a few more cups of coffee nao D: And worst part is, dont think can go back to sleep str8 after work, still need to go grocery shopping ..ahh...shall sleep when i get hm after that, and then wake up in the middle of the nite again =.=

Laters guys~!

1 more day..1 more day *chants*


Still feeling down about audi.
Disappointed with myself, are u with me?

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