Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Sleepyashell.com... @_@;

Honestly dam dam tmd de sleepy, even fell asleep when i reached office earlier. Think i dozed off for about 5mins ><. Kns... Reason? Hmmm...long chain of events :S

Finally took pc to my regular repairman, coz it kept coming out notifications sayin that my W7 is expiring..when i told him that, he said i might have accidently updated my windows. Duh uh? Im not that dumb lor, must be his fault :x And also the crash dump screen keeps coming out =.= Bery bery annoying leh. Sigh. Wonder how much ima gonna spend tis time... come to think of it, the amount spend on my bi-monthly repairs can actually get me a new pc d..hmmmmm..

Anyway, work was immensely boring..was actually flipping through calendar to see when the next holidays are. But but but! No more till May TT^TT~~ *cries cries* This can only mean one thing....take mc :X Im not entitled to annual leave yet, officially 1 yr in May..if i last that long. Bla.

Still not over the CNY hols yet eh ><. Kns kns tmd tmd. FML.

And the fact that i still have to bs on the daily report thingy. Im only working on that webbie so far..so waste paper ne, havent they heard of "Save the trees"? -takes out pen and pokes at paper-

Anyway, went home early coz had to go pass wages to the workers at site, and went home str8. Backed up my stuff, rested awhile, waited for jam to clear down and took pc to air itam. On the way back went to arizona to satisfy my net craves...which lasted abt 5hrs :X Dam tired. I dont know why i didnt go hm earlier...oh yes, i was waiting for u :( Mai wait le next time, once my pc is back , dont think ill install audi for awhile...

Join comp, which was a big mistake coz kb not nice de and very tiring to press. Dam not light at all =.= In middle of game, have to rest somemore >_>"" But played with random ppl, friends after that and joined ahp and diana when they came in. Jx came in after that and yorke lol.. Its no wonder i lasted that long, i was playing with ppl i knew :)

But got damn hyper after 1, maybe coz i was jz zoning out alot d.. ><.

Wanted to go hm ler, manatau, dam heavy rain and i parked my car very far leh. In the end, still ran to car coz mum kept calling me to go home =.="

Reached hm soaked to the core, had my bath, supper/dinner, and told sis to lend me her pc fr a bit to cafe. Waited for her till abt 4am. Zzzzzz.. Almost died, and was actually considering letting the food spoil ><. In the end, cafe'ed and slept ard 4-ish.

Died in the morning at work.

Once again, FML.

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