Wednesday, March 3, 2010

PC is back!!!! And im broke!!! =.="

Lol.. ok la, i shdnt complain for now since its back. Just spent abt 100bucks for a new power supply which has been with me since i got this pc. Seriously at this rate, the only thing left i havent changed is the motherboard and processor. Once those die, then its as good as me getting a new pc d =.=

Hopefully it doesnt happen soon though.. bo lui for the time being..hahaha :S

Itadakimasu! Lunch!! Been craving for sushi for weeks now, finally decided to walk over to Queensbay and got it! :D

Work was dull and immensely tiring. Like i said, sleeping at 4...not a good idea. Was zoning in and out of conciousness. As soon as it hit 5.30, i was outta there :x

Pc wasnt suppose to be back till tomoro, but he had tested it for the whole day and it seemed stable ba. Blue screen, not sure wat it was yet, but i remember seeing hardware failure on it. I think...which would explain the power supply's death. Oh wells, pray that this time itll last longer without something else dying on me :(

Then did the usual, installed my program (i.e audi, ares, bla bla bla..) And i feel the need to reinstall FF coz the one he installed fr me feels problematic and i cant even FB on it =.= And my audi didnt work. Went in patcher and dc'ed with a notification of missing sound card or on wrong setting. I was hoping it would be more of the wrong setting thingy, missing sound card will be very depressing since i jz changed sound card =/

Rechecked settings, and tested sound only to reliase i nvr plug in my speakers =.= But still the problem was not that. Deleted the whole folder and reinstalled. If it didnt work again then it fated :) Audi asking me to quit.. lol :D It took me abt 1.5hrs to patch the 1st time, luckily 2nd time was slightly faster..10 patches leh. Guess what? It worked =.= Hmmmmm.. fate?

No, it was actually sheer ke gao on my side, coz when i was installing the manual patches, it came out, "program is installed wrongly" or something to that effect, bt i tot it was just W7 being a bitch, so i just clicked cancel. LOL :x

How could i possibly be wrong in installing something ive been installing on and off for abt 4yrs now? It seems i can =.= Bah.

Still some tweaks here and there, coz it feels kinda laggy. Dont knw if it was coz of the net or wat. Will look into it maybe tonite, maybe..

Totally random pic taken during my journey back hm. Traffic lights died at one of the most busiest intersections, so i just sat there and watched ppl getting themselves in a bind and stuck in the middle and at a standstill for abt 10mins =.=. Kiasu-ism ? :)

Oh wells, guten nacht!! :)

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