Saturday, March 13, 2010

Tiring day, even though it was half day, but ended up reaching home almost 5 plus...which is basically almost the same time as working T^T~ Lol.. But then, am happy that i got quite a number of things done. Things which i have been postponing for the longest time :)

Went for the interview and it was erm...ok ba i guess? Not putting too much hopes on it coz i dont want to get too disappointed. The job itself was quite cool ba, alot of travelling (yay!) which means i dont sit the bladi office the entire day >_> So yea, it will be nice if i did get it. Though the interviewer's english was kinda, uhm....that lo..kinda uhm :X Rofl..

After that went to settle bills bills bills (weee! =.=) and am broke now ><. Also went to see doc to get some meds. Hopefully it will my salvation coz i really feel like shit now =.= Its gonna happen, no matter what!

Was suppose to go get groceries but was too bladi tired le, so went home 1st. Slacked ard the pc , audi'ed abit, and joined compy later that nite. I really lost touch with 8k leh...i wonder if i shd even join comp later =.= Wanted to practice with you, but u werent ard... oh wells.

Oh ya, exp comp nowadays alot of those fs, normal indi type modes lol..which kinda works out for me, coz thats the only mode which i will definitely pass :X I dono why also, guess i chain more in these modes lol. And also i keep missing lvl 10 n 11's alot and still manage to pass rofl! Kinda cute eh? Anyway, these cpl of nites, dam net has been laggy at abt the same time and got 3rd. Which is still ok, considering i wasnt really perf'ing alot :)

And yes, was out in the 2nd rd. Dam 4k =.= I will nvr pass that mode..tmdtmdtmdtmd! Boo..

Rest of the nite was spent audiing, guess was mainly waiting for someone. But they nvr did show up so stopped at ard 11'ish coz was getting tired and blurry lol..

Slacked ard tv, fb, anime abit and wanted to blog but ended up on bed, so just saved the images and bloggin at office now lol :X I actually had another picture, random, but still i got another pic! ;wild Accidently deleted =.=

Back to work and i actually have some work to do today lol, time is gonna fly by :D



& i guess it was partly my fault,
to have overly used it and nvr once did i managed to go ahead and doing it.
Its become an empty threat which has no effect on you whatsoever.

I guess, somethings are better left unsaid,
Coz sometimes, talk is really cheap and actions speak louder :)

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