Saturday, March 6, 2010

Hey ho peeps on a very early Saturday morning ~ ;)

First and foremost....


Love love love love love you muchiee!!! :D

Though ur strange and full of ideas at times, but hey, thats wat we love the most, coz we turned out exactly the same :p LubLubLub~

Not really sure what to do for her birthday yet though, coz siblings forgot about and i forgot to remind them =.= Will think of something later, maybe seafood dinner? :D Yum yum~ :3

Kinda exhausted, just came out of audi. Actually intended to go in and see see only, bt was spotted by ahp and diana and they got me to playin lol. Also to meet a new fam member, Lacry, but ive played with her b4 with babe :) And she said she saw me in exp comp lobby :X Yea, went to compy today, bt i think im kinda out of it, havent really been playing since last week and the arrows all feels weird >_>" Anway had a crazy time, laming all the time, which was good, coz it got me off my mind on hw much i missed playin with u. Then we made her friend join Chocos too lols, funny dude , but i cant remember his nick now :X

Audi sure does have its bitter sweet moments for me .. :)

Work was the norm in the morning, afternoon was spent sloggin under the hot sun ><. To the bank then to site to pay wages to the workers and then to suppliers to choose panels. Came back to office and was almost time to go hm d. Finished up my stuff and in the end had to wait fr colleague to finish his drawing plan. Sheesh. I shdnt have waited coz in the end there were changes after changes =.= Made me go hm at 7 ..bla.

Went home to see sis using the new modem n router, which still didnt work despite her sayin it did. She got pissed, bt i already told the settings were abit off, coz she didnt even fix it to the router, and as soon as i did, the net start goin bonkers le =.=. In the end? Used back old modem. Will prolly get it back to shop to have it looked into, since mum kept buggin to use it.

Oh wells, its TGIF again peeps ~ Time really is flying but some things still feels like its at a standstill..

Ciaoz~! Have a great weekend ;)


It wasnt coz i was upset and didnt want to say anything,
It was coz i didnt know wat to say,
After so many days, to suddenly see u again, words could not seem to come out,
I guess, it felt like, u didnt need to have me in there at all,
I can sense ur unhappiness, but can u sense mine?

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