Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Its been a very long and tiring day. Not to mention hot as hell..

Though work was being its usual boring self, there were other things which lead to my fatigue too. Getting frustrated with work as the day goes by, and yet there's nothing i can do about other than continue until i find another. *prays n keeps fingers crossed*.

Had to go out in the afternoon and my car heating up is also a dam killer. Seriously need to get it checked b4 it blows up lol..

Went home and audied abit, kept dc'ing this evening for some reason. And it was kinda irritating. Wanted to log off but ray asked me to join comp lol. Guess what? I dc'ed in the middle of game, and i was in 2nd =.= oh wells..

Logged off, and sat ard staring at comp, thinking of what to blog. Its been 3hrs and i finally started. Was unable to put todays' events into words. Still cant.

Heading off to bed i guess, extremely exhausted, with work, with everything. Maybe im trying too hard. I should just let everything go.

Nites peeps~ :)


I wonder if u know that im serious about that decision frm you,
Somehow the whole scenario this afternoon kept playin in my mind,
I keep thinking, is this what u do, when im not there?
Why did u tell me otherwise? That u dont do it?
What if one day, one say yes? Would u do what u did the last time that happened?
I dont think i can go through it again, to be deserted for something more exciting n new.

Ill wait till the morning,
If there is still silence from u, then i will know what to do,
I will not be a barrier to you having a good time,
As long as ur happy :)

Because you will nvr see me again,
Not that it matters to you :)

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