Monday, March 8, 2010

Hola hola hola! 3 cheers on a very blue Monday~ !! :p

Just a short one b4 i go to bed.. :) Currently thinking whether i should wait fr my dishes to be ready..which is in an hrs time. Boo.. miscalculation on my side and its gonna be ready at 3am =.=. Shd be able to make it if i take it out at work...but then that means less one dish..><. LOL! Ok ok, i shall not be so paranoid and go to bed :P

Anyway, joined exp comp today, even though i was blur as a squid lolz, which actually turned out not so bad eh :) Though i was out in the 2nd round but i actually beat ktkr in the 1st rd :D I know it was him, coz he said hi to me when i went in the room :X Oh wells, guess i was lucky it was FS mode :) and the funny part was, i didnt know i was second till i suddenly jumped in front. If only that girl didnt chain =.= But still can gloat right? :p

Oh ya, almost didnt make it for comp, coz i tot i still had time, then they told me, left 50secs and i had like about 1min plus in game, i alt tab'd and came in with an almost full channel and 10secs on the clock O_O and in the end i got a better number than! Im cool eh ;)

Lamed ard with ahp and diana, which were tagging for their next ring, and they're almost there :) Played abit with ray, well actually, ray was watching magic show =.= so i just practised by myself, which is good, considering i havent been really playin since last week.

Anyway, that was basically my day, nothing much, slept abit, watched some new anime to replace the old one i already finished ><, and lepak'ed ard the house.

Off to bed peeps, and though i hate that its Monday tomoro, its still gonna be there, staring me in my face =.= So might as well live with it and say.... HAVE A GREAT WEEK GUYS! AND I HOPE WE ALL SURVIVE MONDAY! :D


P/s: Craving for mum's bday cake TT^TT~ Nuuuuuu.....go to sleep!!

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