Thursday, March 4, 2010

Hola people on a Thursday morning~ :)

Just finished watching CSI LV on Astro, kinda long since i actually sat down and watch tv, well cable tv, still tv nonetheless..It was nice, and good shows are worth it ;)

Its been kinda a long day, with work and Jp class after that. Work, was erm, long. Paperwork is really not my cuppa, and i find it difficult to just sit around and flip through stacks of paper every single day. And accounts, omg =.= my least fav subject ever. Not that i suck at it, im quite decent, jz cant stand it ><.

Even watched my anime at lunch time rofl...i asked my sis was it over abit, and she said yes..Lunch time worrr :( I still think i was not over leh.. =.=

Left work sharp coz wanted to beat the jam and have dinner b4 going fr class. Tonite's class was slightly more tougher coz we're learning to write Hiragana now. Its been a while since i learned how to write lol. Fun, but tough. And the teachers' even gonna give a little test on writing fr next class ><. Time to start practising.. lolz :)

Nichiyoubi abunai yo!!!

Came home, audied by myself abit, took some ss of the new set i got lol..and only im looking at it..oh wells, dont matter :) Wanted to watch my anime bt connection seems to be shitty, or is it the browser prob? Hmmm..not cool :(

'Neways, sleep ba. Kinda pooped from the long day. And its almost the weekends again :)

How time flies..


& if u only knew, how much it hurts,
to be left out in the cold..
What else can i say? Good bye? :)

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