Thursday, March 18, 2010

Tears streamed down my cheeks earlier..didnt think it was possible after for so long, but it did.

Anyway, played my last game of audi with you (thx for coming over, even if it was just one game) and i wont be playin anymore after this. Its no longer brought me joy to log in, and im alone most of the times, so whats the point? Lol..

Ur words hurt me alot today, all i wanted was for u to ask me to join u, but like i said, you only play with ppl who are able to challenge you now, something i will nvr be able to do. U said that u dont even ask anyone. Ive become anyone to you now? I was just an audience. Since u say u dont care anymore, then there's nothing more to say.

Im sorry i accuse, thats the only way i could ever get ur attn. And all u can say is i made u lose. Yea, i guess i am a fked up b1tch.

Do u knw what i do so i dont miss playin with u? I play ur acc. Dumb right? And u asking me why i logged in earlier like u were accusing me of checking on you. Im always wrong in ur eyes.

And thanks for clarifying who i am to you to the ppl u were playin with b4 u left like u do to everyone we know. We wouldnt wnt ppl to misunderstand right? Never. Im jz a pixelised partner, nothing more, nothing less.

U might hate reading this, bt frankly, i dont care anymore too. U might stop coming here, do as u wish but I will not beg for ur attn or for a little bit of ur care. I know ull be happier without me in there, uve proven it me tonite and so many nites b4. Im just an additional baggage that weighs u down, uptight and anti social. I hv so many cons, its a wonder u nvr left huh?

Its funny, there were times when i felt, some ppl overcaring for me, overconcerning and worryin too much for me was suffocating. But then they went away, and i felt lost without it. Maybe thats my karma, only diff is, you wont care if i went away.

Well, Happy 3rd Anni of my blog :) Sadly, will not be having 4th ani of audi'ing and 3rd ani of our audi cpl'ing.

This might be my last post for sometime, we'll see what tomoro brings :)

I asked you not to hate me earlier coz i dint want us to part with you hating me, thank you for everything, ill miss you so much, ull nvr be able to know.


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