Sunday, March 28, 2010

Harpie harpie Sunday my fellow compariots of this very very very hot & unforgiving land..

Yes yes, ive kinda lost it abit..coz today was seriously the worst sunday ever, in terms of, i couldnt even sleep for at least 10mins without breaking into a cold sweat ><. Migraine got so bad to one point that i felt like banging my head against the wall D:

Had Jp class in the morning, really sleepy lol.. its a miracle i stayed awake till the end. But i guess the bad jam on the way to the office coz of Cheng Beng sort of woke me up. In the end, was abt 1/2 hr late for class x.x and the minute i sat down, sensei asked if i was ready to give my keitai denwa bangou (h/p no :p) in Jp. Lucky im smart :X

Anyway, its gonna be more convos in the classes to come, so yeah, its still cool :)

Was really tired and like i said, tried sleeping the whole afternoon but couldnt even do that :( so ended up watching movies that i cant remember dy..hmmm..i think there was Meet Dick n Jane somehere in there lol.

Wanted to join exp comp at nite, bt head was throbbing like crazy so just logged out intead, fell asleep for abt an hour and woke up, bathed for like the longest time to cool myself ><. Just popped meds frm doc last time, hopefully it works.

Oh well, Monday blues are here again. And yes, baby ur right, it wouldnt stress me out so much if i loved the job, problem is, i dont, but i still need work right? I wish i could get the job ive been dreaming of, but nothing is perfect in life is it? We still need to carry on, even with all the shit that comes with it.

Have a great week ahead guys .. and i shall try to survive mine for another week..~

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