Saturday, March 20, 2010

Hello world on a Saturday~ :)

Sorry this is gonna be a late post, its actually already Sunday morning lol :X Just has been an extremely looong day @_@; So long that this page has actually been opened since, well, i cant remember when? ><.

Friday, came and left. And im not even done with the website yet. Fkety fug! I might have to do over the weekend, that being said, i actually only have tomoro, or to be more precise, few hours frm now. Man, im screwed. When i tot bosses were gonna throw a fit for not finishing it yet, later they were ok le when i showed them wat i had :X asdsadafdjafioefofpafl;fka;sd!!!! =.=

Came hm, found ivan in audi and helped him with his story, 5rds of sync 8 x4, seems simple huh? Not really, esp when ur laggin and audi is being a bitch :X Took us abt 2hrs just to do that x.x

Played with an old aquintance after that, someone i havent seen for more than a year now. Hmmm.. he was an ex audi cpl? Lol. Maybe :) Anyway, he helped with ivan's story and sort of stayed on and we played together fr abit. Halfway playing, he said he didnt expect me to talk to him moreover play with him anymore after what happened. I just told him, its all in the past ba. And i suppose it is, coz i nvr felt any loss. i guess he was nvr an impt part of my life :)

Came out to bath and a friend msg'ed to go to her wedding party lol. Babe came in after that and played till abt 2am x.x Thank goodness its the weekends. Sadly, i didnt think i was gonna do well in compy on sat ><.

Work on saturday. Unforgivingly boring. Audied instead lol. No choice ler, compy time is 1pm and i wont have time to warm up :( Left work early just so i can make it back in time :X Reached hm quite early, manatau compy go sot on me. Blue screen'ed 2 times! seriously not happy with my pc le. Already change so many things, what else it wants wor :( Went in and played like ka chui only. Too blur le, and pc n net screwing with my mind. Pek chek ar! I could actually chain whn i was practising bt went in comp room, full hse = dieded.

Sad sad sad with pc n myself :(

Helped ivan with the rest of his stories after that, but his stories are the worst, coz frm 41 to 60 we need ppl for most of them =.= reminded me of mine whn i did it. And i did on my own! So proud of myself :D Well of coz, my pro babe helped :p Tagged with ivan after couldnt get some of the stories done and babe was tired and was going to rest. And finally.. Gratz ivan on reaching ur main lol :D I also levelling soon leh, 15% ..tot of doing some stories to help abit, bt tired as hell.

Guess thats about it. Currently watching Xmen, its sorta my inspiration thing, i always need to watch a movie to get my posts moving x.x Seriously need to lie down now, eyes getting dry and back hurts like crazy><.

Why do i torture myself on saturdays? Lol.. =\


Was thinking about this afternoon, and im sorry for my silence at times,
Im not like you, i cant talk to random ppl in a room and somehow felt neglected,
I guess im the one who's antisocial huh?
Maybe i felt that u have more fun playin with random ppl then just with me,
U seem to be happier when u are though, ive noticed..

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