Friday, March 12, 2010

Ohaiyo ~ Its finally Friday!! :) And im on half day leave today :p

Well, like i said, am having an interview later at abt 2pm, hoping that its gonna be a better place than here, and more pay? :D Anyway, wish me luck ba ;)

Ytd, bosses were not ard in Penang, and work was well work ba. Still alot of paperwork to deal with and its kinda getting on my nerves coz im suppose to be in charge of projects ma, but no news on new ones yet. Boring =\ I need active work la ><.. My bum feels flat sitting whole day =.=

Went home sharp coz even OM left early lol and she off the pc networks and nvr ask me. How am i suppose to update files which are on the network? Doh head. So just shut down and went home lol. Had porridge for dinner and fell asleep @_@;

Woke up almost 8 plus le, and wanted to join compy so warmed up abit. Wrong idea to sleep b4 compy man, i was dazed like no ones business =.= Even went to bath and came back to join. Didnt really work =.= And i was out in the 1st rd, in a mode which i could have pawned - Norm Indi T_T.. and i did, i was like 1st and 2nd fr the first 2mins then last min, i slowly lost concentration and kept missing, plus horrid lag. Sad man. To make things worse, i lost to someone which i DIDNT want to lose to. Fk! =\

Went to watch anime and suddenly had a feeling to go back in audi. Played till almost 3am and left in the worse possible mood. Sigh. Im really adamant on quitting this time, no more excuses.

Goodbye audi? :)

I just remembered, its been 3 yrs since i started bloggin on the template made fr me by ange, almost the 4th yr of audi-ing, and the 3rd yr we've cpled on audi. Time really where do we stand in terms of understanding each other? Middle of nowhere? Lol... :)

Oh wells, time to start working and need to finish up b4 i go off..



Im sorry i spoiled your nite, sorry i made u sad, sorry for everything,
But u werent fair too, hw can u disappear frm my life for one week,
No sound, not in sight, leaving me standing alone, but i nvr complained,
When i only kept silent for 5mins cz i was overwhelmed that u were back,
But u took it as i was being moody...its not fair..

All this while i thought u were busy with work and upset abt life,
When u told me sometime ago, it was time to leave and move on?
U say, keeping till the next one comes,
If they're so dispensible to you, am i too?
Will u leave when u find the next one to replace me?

And u proved me right when u found someone else right away to talk to,
The very next instant, jz coz u said i wont listen.
Did u think why? No, u only had ur own conclusions.

I always thought, no audi, means no anoili,
But now it seems, no anoili, there will stil be audi for u.
If Im not needed in rl and in virtual,
Why am i still here?

U were nvr afraid of me leaving, were you? :)

Is it time i moved on for real? U tell me.. or i think i may already have the answer.
And for the 1st time, its not coz im emo, my head is too clear for that today :)

I wish u all the best in comp this weekend, and always stay happy, be it in virtual or rl..

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