Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Did you know that u can actually level by visiting your neighbours in Cafe World? Hmmmm? Did ya? Did ya?

Totally random i know :S Seriously dying at work hence had to post some utter nonsense, coz it was either this or jumping out my office window O_O; Anyway, yes i did do it. Visited my neighbours in cafe world and leveled lol :X I wouldnt have ever done it, but there's dude who cut my lvl a cpl of weeks ago and ive been meaning to cut back =.=

Woohooo! Kiasu-ism rocks baby! :x

BUT! Rest assured i would nvr do it ever ever again. This only works when ur net and pc does not lag till thy kingdom comes. Hmmm, maybe i will if irritating dude cuts me again D:

Manager is on emergency leave today, so the mice are out to play yeah right. I think im losing my marbles soon :S Kill me kill me kill me nao please....!!

Can u sense my desperation? Can can can can?? njasiofjiagap[fgoaeqo-gtgslgkb ><.

Bah! Time to jump out the window .. !

P/s: I really need a new job soon :x

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