Friday, March 19, 2010

Happy early morning TGIF peeps~! :)

Its been a freakishly long day since ytd and im basically bladi worn out x.x ~

Wednesday's Jp class was cool, thank god i still remembered my hiragana, but sensei's gonna be giving out a mini test next week to make sure we really remember everything coz we'll soon be only using that in our classes. @_@;; Need to really do alot of memorising this weekend le..

Well, the rest of the night was just a blur and not worth reliving again, too much hurtful words were used, by both of us. Im not sure if its wise for me to stay on, but it will do, for now :) Ima sucker eh? Nvr going through what i say all the time.. =\

Anyway, couldnt sleep well the entire nite, seriously weird dreams again, and its been very cold nites coz apparently sis has been waking up and pushing her fan to me, plus air con = torture. Made me toss n turn at 5 in the morning nia wth =.=

Thursday - not any better. Work - screwed up as usual, seriously, get a knife and stab me =.= I really need to get out of the dam office. Oh ya, finally took car to shop coz temp was getting abit too ridiculously high for comfort. So got to leave office early coz no car :DD

Went hm, audied abit and had to go to some realty seminar mum arranged. GOT DUPED! tmdtmd.. was suppose to be only abt an hr de thing, ended up almost 2.5hrs zzzzzzz...dam sian can. It was more like one those motivational seminars, but fees dam pricey and want us register str8 away de. Bah ~.~ Whole back pain now :((

Wanted to audi abit, bt no one on le...sad. so decided to help ivan with his story lol. Saw 1 2 party! :DD Easy peasy lo :p Wanted to do BU de, bt then, needed 3 other ppl, so had to scrap it, i really got no patience waiting fr ppl, and besides who will stay unless u know de? Lol... And my 4k BU, really not as good :S Ended up doing the 10rds of choreo - and this was the where i suddenly become a dum dum =.=

1st rd - forgot the req, only remember needed chain, somehw remembered x5, so did that. Then finish le, saw only need 4 =.=

2nd rd - couldnt x4 , until at all, then saw, eh passed, guan lai, only needed x3... =.=""" i really dont know hw i saw wrong 2 times wtf.

3rd rd - x1 x2 x3 ...o done le..ok will stop when no more chain....x10 x11 ~ Hahahaha :X let me gloat la~ :p

The rest mundane la.. chain in the 1st 20secs and go rest.. like tagging :p

Lol...Im getting lamer, i need some rest i think :S

Oyasumi nasai~!

P/s: i wanna change blogskin...i wanna i wanna i wanna.! :x

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