Friday, March 5, 2010

Tadaima~ :)

Its been an uneventful Thursday so far, and currently practising my hiragana for next's lessons mini test *gulps* Abit pissed coz havent been able to watch my anime since i brought my pc back. Something is wrong somewhere....if only i can figure it out...annoyeddd =w=

Sis got diverted frm her practice and is now playin some lame BigFish game..rofl! Lousy her :p But then again, if my anime was working, i would be doing the same thing :x

Work was painful, and shall not be reminded of it here. Still need to get the website up and really blank with no inspiration at allll :S Even Fb is being a total bore for me. Sigh man =\

Came home, switched on pc and fell asleep. For about 2hrs i think.. lol. Wanted to join exp comp but was blur like a jellyfish @_@; hence decided to play by myself for abit and took some ss for ava's lol. And also, for baby to see my new set, since she's busy with studyin for exams :)

Cant seem to take more decent ss, was trying the whole nite, bt didnt like any of them =.= This was best i could get D: - but love my set nonetheless..white :3

Anyway, had dinner and been slacking ard fb, raised another pet of mine to 3b in ffs, been having problems with cafe world =.= and in and out of audi but no familiar faces to play with. Hmmm..

So been a good girl and decided to practice writing but with alot of interuptions in between :X Guess i shd head to bed earlier, since ive been waking up late for work these few days. Doinks self.

Ja mata~! ;)

P/s: Posted my my first post on tumblr today, i wonder if i shd just moved my whole blog there.. the layout is pretty nice and simple, but not used to its features yet. Maybe.. :)


Your right, its not all about me, but in here it is.

There is a reason i blog so frequently, so that ppl i care abt knows wats goin in my life,
And also a place for me to release and tell about the good and bad things that i went through,
It might be mundane and u guys dont have to read it everyday, coz im happy to knw that u do,
Really read and have interest in what i have to say.

Uve not been ard these past few days, and ive respected ur space,
Work and life is busy, and i really understand, even if u dont manage to come in here when u can,
Ur msgs have seem to slowly disappear, as i expected, but even then i have not complained,
All i ask, was for u to read when u can, and i mean truly read and not just come in and leave 3secs later,
And no, its not better than not coming in at all, its worse.

There are reasons why ur acting cold towards me, or why u said the things u said this morning,
But seriously? I dont really care coz there will always be something or someone, and guess what?
Its not all about u too :)

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