Sunday, March 14, 2010

Saveeeee meeee!! Dying from hiragana memorizing x.x lol... ;wild

Its been a long day, work seemingly passed as fast as i expected, did some work, played some audi(LOL! Coz was alone in office :x) and did some more work.. Still on those dam accounts stuff =.= seems neverending. Had to rush some things out b4 leaving office and rushed home to practice for comp at 3.30..

Was kinda contemplating not participating coz was a nervous wreck. Hmmm..actually wasnt really nervous ba, just felt unprepared as i havent been 8k'ing for awhile lol. Anyway did join in the end and wasnt really happy with the results. Yes, i got in for 2nd rd but it was only coz there were only 3 participants in room, meaning all would advance as 1 didnt come. Wouldnt know if i would got through if there had been 4 lol.. Might have, i guess..

Played with ivan n babe for abit and was feeling extremely drowsy. Was already nodding off b4 comp lol.. Long day le, and somemore it was raining :S Didnt actually rest, coz still had my memorising to do, ended up watching indiana jones =.= I get distracted very easily ><.

Joined exp comp, bt didnt do so well today. Could have gotten in, exp choreo mode, but was missing too much, well not really, i really need to work on my chance, coz in the last few secs, got ninja'ed and got 4th place :( Sad sad.. sigh...

Oh ya! My random pic from this morning!

Lol...wanted to show hw many gifts i had in CW :x Am actually quite annoyed that i cant really finish using all of them up and they just multiply every single time. And i dont even get food from pages as much anymore =.= With the lag, its impossible to take alot out at a time, so i end up only using abt 10 >_>" Lol..random right? Who cares? :p

Oh wells, hopefully ive remembered wat ive memorised, or will it just turn up like a blank sheet of paper tomoro? Shieeet =.= ;pray

Omg...3am =.=



&im sorry im such a lousy player most of the times,
someone once told me, they tend to slack when they play with me,
its only natural u would wanna train with ppl who will be able to challenge you..

demotivated =\

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