Monday, March 29, 2010

Another day, another week, and almost another month..

Everything around me is changing with time, but somethings will never change, well at least i hope it wont.

Another blue Monday, came and went. Still had that bad headache from ytd almost felt like taking sick leave again but then didnt wanna stay at home. Uneventful work day, but not so in other aspects of my life.

Shan't dwell much on it, all i can say is that i felt neglected at some point. And my attempt on a convo was unresponsive, hence i decided to stay silent. Left out? Yes. But that was it. I wasnt upset that u didnt want to help but more of the way u said it, like i had done something very wrong and made u angry.

Yes, we shd always do what we want, but does that mean we shd care only when we want to? Its not that i get angry whn u say u don feel like doing anything, i just cant comprehend why its only directed at me when u seem simply chatty n happy at the same time when we're ard other ppl.

Went home, played abit by myself to warm up for exp comp. 1st round and i was in 1st place + chaining and actually winning keichi. Suddenly screen stopped moving and though i prayed that it will move again, it didnt. All i saw next was a blank screen. Logged back in and well that was that. Perfect way to end my Monday. Played awhile with ahp n diana, who was at 1st in a cold war lolz, and then it turned out all right awhile later :)

Logged out, played my ritual fb games and sleeping soon. Mundane? If u only knew :)

I lost the only color in my life and i lost the only life in me..

I sat there and read,
Every perception you had of me, every word used to describe me,
Was like a knife stabbing my heart, over n over again, till i couldnt hear its beats anymore.

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