Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Booo! :)

Actually heading to bed soon, but thought, what the heck, short post ba, and still watching my anime since its so nice to me tonite being able to play every single epi :D Also ivan's sms'es at this hour lol..think he's excited to be coming back frm NS :) Welcome back to penang ivan ;)

Just came out audi actually, was playin with the normal fam gang . Went in to see see nia, coz abit tired tonite, but tot since havent played with them for a few days, might as well ba :) Didnt join comp today, wanted to, but 20mins b4 comp, bro called up asking me to fetch him and at the other end of the island somemore =.= Guess ill have to wait till Thursday ba ><.

Still need to memorise my 30 hiragana writings leh! omgomgomg .... あ い う え お, か き く け こ .......あら!!! Think need to memorise during lunch time dy ;eeks

Work was work as usual, still stacks n stacks of files and papers on my table =.= and OM suddenly remembered we nvr gave our last weeks daily report. She even writes time on what time she completes each task. Duh? I still feel its a complete waste of time ;wild

Now im thinking, shd i join the cc8 compy on sat? i feel kinda noobish these few days :( Hmmmm.....

Oh wells, time for bed, headache again tmd =.= Oh ya, found this in my ss folder..:p

LOL! Must have taken it ytd...I feel anoili looks cool being in front eh? Shd stand there more often...HAHAHA :XXX Ok, im being lame dy, must be the sleep deprivation symptoms.

Ciaoz and sweet dreams!

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