Friday, March 19, 2010

Me is so very very very very sleepy @___@; Can i go home now? Puhlease....?

Am blaming mum for setting me n sis up for a ride last nite (in my heart though lol) coz apparently the seminar that she went to last time wasnt like tat. It was more of and intro of the course and the times and subjects they cover. Not so some "Take me up, lift me higher for a more successful life, and take the risk now or never, dont say cant!" type of seminar =.= I mean it was good on its own way, but totally unprepared for it and i guess so was the majority of attendees lol. The speaker was just too freakishly hyped up >_>"

But hey, im nt condemning the dude, its good to have such a positive outlook on life and everything we do, bt sometimes it can be overwhelming and he at times felt like a over-enthusiatic insurance dude (which btw was what he use to do, explains it eh? :x)

Anyway, skipped lunch again, actually been skipping a lot of meals, havent been in the mood to eat for past cpl of days ..hmmmm x.x

Ahhhhh! Back to work. Just someone, anyone, kill me nao pls?

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