Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Oopsie! Forgot to save a post for tuesday, and its past 12 dy ><. Lol..i knw, ive become sort of a blogging freak. And to top it off, i cant believe i seriously have things to blog about everyday o.o; and i say my life is mundane....i guess its nice to read about boring stuff huh? :D.

I read back some of my 1st posts in 2007, and went..omg! did i say all those things? Why do i sound so so so? Omg omg *gasps* omfgwthbbq? *slaps forehead* ima speechless =.= Mentality advisory is recommended if any of u intends to read back ><.

Work was quiet today, manager didnt come, diarrhoea apparently (lol? she eats like non stop through out the day..go figure) Bosses didnt come in either, had some appointments outside (yay!) me and colleague were still betting they might come in 5.30.. but they didnt! :D Still, i dont remember how i passed my time, coz i was getting nauseous looking at fb :S I remember working all my sub accs and ivan's ffs, babe's cafe and bounced a pets value...yes, i was a damn busy woman D:

The weather is really horrid these few days, when its hot, its hot, when it rains, its hotter ><. Just not a very cool feeling =\

Horrid net connection tonite.. tagged with the gang fr a cpl of rounds and afk'ed for dinner. Came back and started dc'ing like nobody's business. I think i must have restarted modem like x214678209218 times =.=" after abt almost 1/2 hr of alot of swearing n cursing the modem, occasionally thinking of throwing it out of the window, it finally stabled ><. Managed to warm up a few games fr compy only to have me dc again in middle of game and when i was chaining again T_____________________T am so not a happy camper now.

Tagged awhile with babe, and went over to diana n ahp's room. Gratz diana on reaching Superstar ~ :) Played a cpl of rounds of extremely laggy games, gave up and logged off b4 i start killing something or myself D:

I gotta find me a teddy bear to so in need of some right now..

Im still apprehensive.. i asked Shaun earlier what he thought about my post and he said that most guys are not interested in stuff that i talked about. They'll just go 'whatever' and forget all about it. Maybe he's right abt why i still do it, i needed to release, a place to spill it all out.

Are u being extra nice to me just to make me happy again? Im still trying to comprehend the reasons for ytd...will i be deserted again when u have a new friend and want to hv 'peace' without me? I dont know ..

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