Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Manager just called in to say still not coming in today, not feeling 'well' yet.. i didnt know u actually shit until 2 days >_> Whatever! *i think she also nothing to do, thats why ponteng* lol..

Sigh, im getting restless.. until to the point that i open FB also feel sick x.x

Chatting with a lame ass dude *he wishes to remain anynomous* who sent me what he was doing WHILE waiting for his gf to wake up and studying for his quiz =.= Still, entertainment for me lol :p

LOL! If only my pc can do this too, or just half of it ill be very happy dy ...hmmm :p

Damn it, i wanna go home now! =.=

P/s: Forced to re-edit ><. Dam u lame ass dude :x

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