Monday, March 15, 2010

Monday blues~ D:

Cant believe its that time of the week again, when we drag our lifeless bodies to work ><. Lol..i dont think i slept more than 10hrs in these 3days >_>. Even last nite when i was suppose to go to bed earlier coz since i didnt even nap in the end after coming back frm class ><.

But.. ended sleeping at 3 again. Lol... went in audi to see see but wasnt really in the mood to play coz the net was really off last nite. I had to restart everything in the end so it wasnt so laggy. Sigh. Did badly in compy last nite, couldnt even perf coz screen kept freezing.. sad man :( Even cpl compy when i totally lagged out and lost in the 2nd rd.. i really feel shitty and i know i said i was just not gonna think so much about it, but last nite was really depressing.

Anyway, got caught by ahp and diana when i went in, and 3 songs ended up to be more than 3hrs game. To the extent that i felt i was pressing the keypad but nothin was coming out @_@; Wanted to leave, but they wouldnt let me =.= I wonder why i listened to them though..hmmm..

I guess im just a pushover D:

Its gonna be an ok day i guess, well i hope. Mondays always pass me by without me knowing. Its like when we were kids, before our parents pull out that plaster strip, anticipating pain, but then its done b4 we know it. It still hurts as hell ok, but still, its over. Lol. I know, its a lame comparison, but somehow tat memory suddenly came to mind. I wish i can pull out that plaster on me now..

Oh wells, back to work i guess :)


P/s: Do you know, that even if the whole world told me to my face that i cant play,
It still wouldnt hurt as much as you thinking or treating me like it was true.


あたたかく とけ だして たしかめる の
やさしさ の しずく この むね に ひろがってく
かさねた て はなさ ないで

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