Saturday, March 27, 2010

Morning peeps...a very early morning that is :)

Currently watchin some anime while goin through FFS.. since meimei has already moved home, was thinking of getting back some old pets to my place. I mean, why keep the money when i rather keep the company of the ppl i like? Lolz.. yea yea, very poetic justice indeed..

Work was screwed up as usual today, head still very heavy from fever on Thursday and was getting drowsy with the meds. Plus the heat was absolutely unforgiving today. It only rained when it was abt time to go hm, and luck have it that i didnt have an umbrella to get to car =.= Like i said, the shit keeps coming. Ran under the rain, hopefully i wont get any repercussions from tat.

Reached hm, had some porridge fr dinner and slept for awhile. Oh ya, did i mention, bosses got some feng shui dude to come over to office and reshuffle the luck (more like the furniture). And the place is in an even bigger mess than previously >_> Whn will ppl learn, its not the arrangement of chairs and tables or whatever, but who you are that determines the luck u get and the karma in this case. When will they learn, they need to start being more considerate to their suppliers and nt give them shit when payment time comes? Honestly, some ppl will nvr learn :)

Went into audi, well attempted to try playin on this god forsaken pc. It would hv been easier to pull the trigger to my head. I seriously dont get wats wrong with it and why it now breaks, the songs i mean, in game. Its really depressing when sometimes all i need to just play to forget.

But still i played anyway.. after tagging some exp for diana, we went to f1 to recruit new fam members. Found 2, quite nice players ba.. well hopefully lol :) Left a little after 11 to bath and also didnt want to over exert the stress of playin under very laggy conditions.. i kinda miss joining exp comp :( Sigh...

This past week, i havent seen or played with u at all..and yet i knw hw intent u are on getting to what u intended to do. Yes, i did feel left alone and kinda deserted but i let u be. Even tonite, i knew u were on, i didnt bug u to join me, all i wanted was fr u to at least say hi, or just let me knw u were there.. but all u could ask me to do, was to leave u alone. I think i might, coz im tired and i give up.

Oh wells, have a good weekend guys...ciaoz :)

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