Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Hola world on a Tuesday~ ;)

Been busy watching comedy's the whole nite last nite - Mall Cop & Yes Man, laughing my head off. Guess its been awhile since i laughed like this and i enjoyed it alot :D

Horrid day at work really, but mostly was staring at the pc and lookin at po's after po's, trying to make sense out of the nonsense lol.. Guess what? Its still nonsense ><. Headache whole day ytd man. Like i said, there's a reason why i nvr took accounts =.=

Went home, and found ivan in audi. But was super dam blurry frm whole afternoon and the nite b4's audi-ing ><. Thought i was like on a cloud high above haha :X After a few games, i gave up and told ivan i really needed to rest lol. So we tagged him for abit and he left shortly after that. He so adamant on gettin to main haha..

Joined comp, which was a disaster coz i sucked big time :( missed like xN times =.= Bah. Dont wan to join anymore :x Lol..

Today has been the same, paperwork paperwork, but heading out soon to get some docs to M&E ppl. Hope the day ends soon...really feeling sick to the stomach x.x


To you:

Im sorry i did what i did today,
I feel sick to the stomach and really feel like puking for doing it,
Its the 1st and last time i will ever do something like that,
And im not proud of it, never will be.
I guess, i just wanted a better response from u,
And was wondering why u couldnt do that for me.
It saddens me to see what i saw, coz nw i knw what u do, when im nt ard.

Im sorry if u felt it was scary,
It was nvr intended that way, but if u had did nothing wrong,
Why would u need to feel scared?

I feel hurt, but i wan to apologize for what i did coz of that.
I guess its wrong to feel like crying in the office? :)
Thats hw i feel now, for doing something which was totally not me.
And im disgusted.

But would u have been honest abt ur actions if i was there?

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