Friday, March 26, 2010

Happy TGIF people~ :)

Was actually on mc today, woke up with a heavy head and bad tummy pain :S And since i wasnt really in the mood to work, called up the office and took sick leave. Didnt really sleep much though in the end, dam phone keep going off, god knows wat sms, frm office, frm boss, wth man.. im nt as busy when im actually at work =.=

Woke up at about 12'ish and it was hot hot goodness x.x anyway, had lunch and watched some old dvd's (stolen frm bro's room..walao him..keep so many shows we didnt know of >_>) while doing stories in audi. I think i watched abt 3 or 4 dvds o.o.. next thing i knw, it was 8pm le.. lolz..

Audied awhile by myself and later for a few games with ahp n diana, and left..dam pc really annoying me..sigh..keeps eating up my bar and skipping randomly. Fk man, it now worse than b4 i had my last repair..and why do i hv a feeling my ram is slower? Really getting frustrated dy =\

So not in the mood to work tomoro, just getting very depressed with alot of things lately. Though i try to cheer myself up and think as positively as i can and forget about whatever stuff that is bothering me, the shit just keeps coming. I dono, really i dont know what or how i shd feel anymore.

And, believe it or not, i didnt do all that for you to get something back. I did it coz i could help and i wanted to. But when i told u was unwell today, i was just hoping the least u could do was say, get well soon? :(

I nvr forced you into anything, it was ur own decision, a promise u made almost 2 weeks ago. A promise u so enthusiatically agreed to do. Something which would have taken 5mins of your time and would hv made me very happy has become a pressure to you? Im sorry to have added to ur stress then..

Ah well, off to bed. Another sad sad working saturday ><.. I wonder what i should do tomoro to pass the time..hmmm...

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