Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Its the middle of the week again o.o Time really is flying by faster n faster as the years go by. I distinctly remember telling my colleague tat it was fast to be March and now its almost April :O

And its gonna a year that im gonna be here in May lol. Cant believe i actually survived a yr here. Yes, there's been alot of rants and whining and complaining and etc etc...but hey, once its off my chest, im ready for another day...until another thing happens and i start my rants/whines/complains again :D

Other than telling it here, i seriously got no where else to talk to. Family is fine and everything but sometimes i just someone to listen and not judge me or tell me what i shd do and not do.

Anyway, work was erm, eyes tiring. Was looking at drawing plans the entire day. Well at least i learnt some new stuff today, which is kinda cool :) Having another tendering project in town, so guess its back to getting quotes and suppliers..

Manager has been coming in extremely late these few days and leaving extra early O_O.. oh wells, none of my business anyway. Just as long as she stays out of my zone, im fine :)

Came home, audied abit, and i really suck leh :( Even joined compy to boost my concentration but it came out cc4, in which i died. Good thing is, i c3'ed all the way, even if i did miss lol.. so am still proud of nooby me ><. Hahaha :x Dont care le, am forcing myself to chance no matter what =.=

Played with lacry and the gang for abit and seriously full room - max lag ><. Sighs again n again lol :S

Came out, played my normal FB games and here i am, posting 2 posts at once coz i was thinking of the correct words to say for the other one. I still think i didnt said the things in my head, but the ppl i know shd know what im trying to say :)

Time for sleep~! Ciaoz!!

P/s: My friggin problem was, you couldnt and didnt even wan to try to do it for me, to just spare me 10mins of your time and accompany me fr a few rds. I guess it was just asking too much of you.

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