Thursday, March 11, 2010

Kinda tired and cranky at the moment.. Just got very irritated with ahp in audi awhile ago lol.. Something he said, a word which i nvr liked, and he used it on me on the wrong day.

That and the fact that my head feels like its gonna explode ><.

Been having really weird dreams and waking up a few times in the middle of the nite. Cant really remember what they were about though, and some of them quite scary de. Hmm.

Work was uber busy today, running in and out of the office, and just when i needed to go hm sharp for jp class (and some last min revision lolz :X) Had to fetch boss to get his car which was at Jalan P Ramlee. The worst possible place to be at that hour. Major friggin jam and my car temp is still goin up, need to get it to the mechs this weeked coz apparently the tank is dirty =.= Reached hm , sat fr 10mins and left fr class.

My hiragana abit sucky, dono why my memory so bad nowadays. My convo skill are ok, but when it comes to remembering the writings, all that is in my head is a white sheet of paper >_>" And we were given another 15 today, which makes the total to 45 @_@;; Kill me nao.

Jyjyjy me!!! >////<.

Random side note: Audi's new patch came out with the new hair that ive been eye'ing since i saw it last yr....i wanna get it , but refraining myself frm doing it :(

Cant believe its Thursday d though :)

Got a call earlier today for an interview O_O, so might be taking half day off on Friday to go for it, not sure, will call them tomoro and arrange i suppose. Was really hectic today, and couldnt even get back to them on when i could go over. Crazy =.=

Time for bed i guess, its gonna be an even busier day tomoro and my back is killing me now.



Sometimes, the past should just be that, the past.
Whatever that has passed u by, will nvr come back,
And it was the decisions we made, the roads we chose,
Regrets will not do anything to bring that back, so make them wisely,
Coz forgiveness may not be so easily given when u look back,

At times, i read back on my posts and write things that may not have come out the way i intended,
But i nvr re-edit coz others might have already read it,
And i know, ppl who really know me, will understand what i was trying to say,
If they dont and get upset, then i guess we were nvr really friends? :)

Im tired of standing here by myself, maybe its time to walk away?
Yes, maybe :)

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