Monday, March 22, 2010

Yay! New skin :DDD~!

Lololol....doing this instead of eating lunch :x And it took me about 20mins? Simple coding ba, and just pluck and put in :p Dont know why i dont have much appetite since last week @_@ Which is good i guess? Can lose weight! Rawr! :D

And im stuck on the webby for work. Brain blocked and out of ideas. This will sort of unclog my brain? :S my font size too small? Are u guys going blinder which each change i make? I dono why ppl make the fonts so damn small ._. but then again, i have good eyesight, so it looks ok to me :p!

Tell me , tell me kk? Lol...omg im suddenly so hyper x.x Must be the 2nd cup of coffee i just had ><.

Sian, back to work.....Monday blues ahhh T_T~

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