Sunday, March 7, 2010

Happy happy Sunny-day~!!

Just came back from JP class not too long ago, and feeling kinda sleepy right now lol @_@; Today's class was kinda stressful though, seeing that i could not really remember my hiragana writings ><. I remember then in sequence, bt when they ask, its jumbled up ma, so need to count in my head b4 can answer x.x. Lol, i shall prevail the next then again, we were just given another 15 new writings today...which makes it 30 to memorise -faints-

Ytd was kinda uneventful, well except mum's birthday of course. Didnt do much ba, some dinner with family, bought a Secret Recipe bday cake (sinful sinful sinful delight ><...) and that was it. Gonna chip in for mum's pressie though...sibling were thinking of diamond studs lol..:DD

White Choco with Macadamia Nuts O_O!...:p

Spent most of the day sleeping though, and watching anime lol..and also memorising hiragana for today's lesson. In and out of audi, but no one was playin so didnt really play much :( Guess that was about it, fb really getting abit too boring for me, and i dont really play much of new games coz it seems like they're clones of some other popular ones. =.=

In the end, fell asleep with book in hand :X Lol..

Oh wells, Monday is around the corner, and its gonna be busy soon with a few projects on the way and in the final proposal stage :) Cool? Not really sure x.x

Time for a little nap and some anime again :p

Ja ne~! ;)

P/s: Was very amused earlier by the actions of a certain person , i guess once a b****h, always a b****h? Ur despo-ness really cracks me up love ;) I dono if it was encouraged or self doing, but still amusing as hell :D


& its only fair, yet nothing in life is,
no one is every afraid of anyone leaving their lives, until they do,
my post have gone unread, and msgs unreplied,
Oh wells, wakatta~ :)

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