Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The calmness within vs the storm surrounding me..which shall prevail?

To be able to keep your stand regardless of what happens around you,
To be able to still think clearly and differenciate between what is right and wrong,
To not lose yourself..

My dearest,
I hope u will be able to get through whatever it is your facing,
Ive had my lowest points in life too, when i felt that i had nothing more to live for,
But i remember that night, when i had all of u, showing me who really cared,
And that i still had people who truly did care.
Im here for you too :)

I believe, if someone truly loves someone, they would nvr leave you,
And i believe the same thing for you,
Cherish what you have, and try your best to hold on.

There are some things which i will nvr agree you doing, and u knw what they are,
Its not fair, to anyone, and will only bring hurt if they ever found out.
Just because you feel down and unloved, does not give u the right to do what u do,
To run to another just to get redemption for what u feel u lack,
How would u feel, if it were done to you?

Its not an excuse, and i will nvr accept it as one.

Regardless of what has been said, your still one of my bestest friend,
The person who i trust with my life, despite everything.
Hey, we're only human right? :)

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