Sunday, March 21, 2010

"Why do we worry over things we have no control over?"

Its been a tiring Sunday x.x i kinda regret not resting more, and spent the entire day in audi trying to lvl myself up by doing countless story modes. I dont think ive ever logged in audi so many times in one day. Now my eyes are tired, my brain is kinda lagging and my fingers wont listen to a word my brain is telling it to do. Not tat brain knows what its talking about =.= all this in time for when im suppose to be taking my lvl 54 license. Sigh. Ive decided, if i cant pass, ill leave it at 53 Irritated.

Not to mention my pc is really getting on my nerves d.. i dont knw what else to do with it, screen keeps freezing, cant even perf properly and lags like what. Not to mention, i dono why there like so many pop ups. Wth did the dude install? The whole thing is really bumming me out.

Watched a few old movies in the afternoon while i was lvl'ing my self up, and did lie down for abt 1/2 hr? Maybe. I dont know. All i know is Sunday is ending and Monday is tomoro. Sheesh...

Saw someone i really dislike also in audi. Some ppl will just nvr go away, and its so bad luck that i bump into them. They just remind me of some of the saddest things that happened to me in audi. But then, im trying to not let them get the best of me, and spoil my mood and not to mention, day. I really wonder at the back of my mind, if i will get hurt again because of these people. Although alot of qns come into my head if anything happened, or will happen, i will never know the truth. I just hope i wont feel the hurt i did a few months ago.

Ahp and Diana helped me tag my last 2% and finally it was license time. Total blurness, not to mention crazy lag and screen and bar even froze. Sigh. Pc is making me unhappy by the day =\, 2nd rd, i kept missing, just totally tired and only in the last 20secs did i managed to chain alot, bt still lacking ard 100k :( few other times were the same results and i felt abit down le ba. It shd be so easy to pass, i dono why im so friggin noobish. Then stared fr abt 1/2hr then only tried again. In the end, babe did it for me ba.. thanks ya babe :) But still feeling down abt it though.

The most dens ive gotten in game lol...the most i ever got was about 5k i think..
kinda surprised me when i saw 14k o.o lol~

Oh wells, time to sleep ba, and yes, its Monday again..


P/s: There was a reason i wanted to do it myself,
coz i wanted to prove to myself and to you that i could do it,
that im not hopeless in audi.. but guess i am huh?
And the way u reacted after it all, sorta proved to me that i am..

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