Saturday, March 27, 2010

Why am i left outside? Isolation is cute.. :)

Just finished sticking ang paos and chinese new year cards on the walls of my office. Yes, u read right...and ur prolly thinking why right? Hmm...2 words.. Feng Shui.. or is that 1 word? Anywayyy, yea.. bosses called up early in the morning asking me to shift this and that, asking me about carpets in the office O_O and the color of the clock on the wall next to me O_O!

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Did as i was told, coz frankly working on saturday is just well, blah. And now i have a funny wall in the office with angpaos and cards .. hmmmm. They want to move another area too, where all the office files are and put the machineries there @_@; and tat place is sort of the center of the office le...again..

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Lol..seriously, ytd was abit annoying that they got us shifting stuff, today its become kinda amusing..h-a-h-a. Im sure we're gonna be flooded with projects now! Woots! (note: though it might seem sarcastic, its really not...:x)

Oh wells, killing time by posting nonsensical stuff, and i dont even know if i will post this lol..

Ok, time to look for other nonsensical stuff to do :S


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